Full Spectrum Natural CBD Oil

The purest
full spectrum
CBD oil in the world

Cibdol is the home of THC-free, 100% natural CBD oil. From our use of organically grown hemp to independent lab testing, you’ll feel the difference of an all-natural approach. And, thanks to sophisticated CO₂ extraction, you get a full spectrum of benefits in every drop of our exclusive CBD formula.

100% Natural

Independently Verified


CO₂ Extracted


Full-spectrum CBD oils from Cibdol contain a unique blend of essential terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids for an all-natural experience in every drop. Cibdol’s selection of expertly prepared CBD oils are available in a range of CBD concentrations to help you get the most out of life—no matter your needs.

CBD Hemp seed oil

CBD Hemp Seed Oils harness the exceptional nutritional value of cold-pressed hemp seeds and our full-spectrum CBD oil. Packed with amino acids, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6, you can enjoy an authentic hemp experience in every drop.

Cibdol makes it even easier to tailor CBD Hemp Seed Oil to your needs with a range of concentrations. And, not only do we use all-natural, full-spectrum CBD in every bottle, but independent testing verifies every batch for total peace of mind.

CBD Hemp Seed Oil utilises all aspects of the incredibly versatile hemp plant to bring you a CBD product with a nutty taste, and a complete spectrum of benefits. Taken as part of a balanced diet, CBD Hemp Seed Oil supports your nutritional goals.

Liposomal CBD Oil

Liposomal CBD Oils feature the latest in pharmaceutical innovation. By seamlessly blending our all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil with microscopic protective bubbles known as liposomes, Liposomal CBD oils are up to four times more effective than traditional CBD oils.

The combination of alcohol and liposomes shields our full-spectrum CBD formula from being broken down by digestive enzymes. This allows more active CBD to reach your bloodstream, enhancing the overall CBD experience.

As a result, the effects of CBD oil are more pronounced, while also lasting longer. This makes liposomal CBD oils from Cibdol ideal for individuals in need of a fast response. Every bottle also includes a convenient dropper for precise dosing whenever you need it.

CBD Capsules

CBD Softgel Capsules from Cibdol are the convenient way to dose our all-natural, full-spectrum CBD—whenever and wherever you need. Available in a range of concentrations, CBD capsules are discrete, odourless and flavourless. Each capsule provides a standardised dose, giving you complete control over your CBD experience.

CBD Supplements

Cibdol’s comprehensive range of CBD supplements infuses cannabidiol with a selection of vitamins, minerals, natural extracts and melatonin. Whether you want to boost your vitamin intake, support a healthy sleep cycle, or tackle the congestion of colds and hayfever, CBD supplements are here to help.

CBD Skincare

Feel rejuvenated with CBD Skincare from Cibdol and the influence of CBD. By channelling the hydrating, protective and healing qualities of natural plant extracts such as aloe vera and helianthus annuus seed oil, you can experience the all-natural, CBD-enhanced, approach to refreshed and revitalised skin.

Medical CBD

Using the embrace of CBD, the Medical CBD range from Cibdol penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin, providing effective relief directly to where it’s needed. Soothe the symptoms of psoriasis, acne and eczema with Class I certified medical CBD creams.


No matter your circumstances, Cibdol has a CBD product that can help you, or your pets make the most of life. Harness the power of all-natural, full-spectrum CBD, and feel the difference whenever and wherever you need.






Cibdol MEladol

Restore your body’s natural sleep cycle with melatonin and the power of full-spectrum CBD by using Sleep Well CBD oil. A restful night’s sleep is crucial to feeling your best, aiding your ability to function both physically and mentally.

The body naturally produces melatonin throughout the day, with levels peaking as nighttime approaches. Unfortunately, stress and interference from digital devices can disrupt melatonin levels.

Sleep Well CBD from Cibdol can help limit the impact of stress and blue light interference on melatonin production. Give your body the boost it needs, and enjoy a natural approach to restoring a healthy sleep cycle.

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